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All our products are made of soft polyurethane foam and come with
or without a polyurethane coating. 
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*Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts can be removed and may be swallowed! Choking hazard!

Our Bestsellers

With its high bounce capability and robust surface, this range of coated foam balls opens up countless possibilities for all groups of users.

VOLLEY® Special

# 210-GB*
High bounce
Ø 210 mm
Circumference 660 mm
Weight approx. 220 g

VOLLEY® Special # 210-GB

VOLLEY® Allround

# 180-GB*
High bounce
Ø 180 mm
Circumference 565 mm
Weight approx. 145 g

VOLLEY® Allround # 180-GB

VOLLEY® Playball

# 160-GB*
High bounce
Ø 160 mm
Circumference 500 mm
Weight approx. 105 g

VOLLEY® Playball # 160-GB

– our classic design. This especially soft and light ball is ideal for beginners, due to its minimal bounce capability and its slow travel, as well as for players with restricted motor capabilities.

# 1500*
Low bounce
Ø 160 mm
Circumference 500 mm
Weight approx. 65 g
rot blau gelb gruen orange lila

VOLLEY® Softi # 1500

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