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All our products are made of soft polyurethane foam and come with
or without a polyurethane coating. 
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*Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts can be removed and may be swallowed! Choking hazard!

Fun and Games

Playballs with all kinds of uses in a dazzling array of colours. Equally, they're superbly suited for all racket games.

VOLLEY® Super 120

# 120-GB*
High bounce
Ø 120 mm
Circumf. 375 mm
Weight approx. 50 g
rot blau gelb gruen orange lila

VOLLEY® Super 120 # 120-GB

VOLLEY® Super 90

# 090-GB*
High bounce
Ø 90 mm
Circumf. 280 mm
Weight approx. 24 g
rot blau gelb gruen orange lila

VOLLEY® Super 90 # 090-GB

VOLLEY® Super 70

# 070-GB*
High bounce
Ø 70mm
Circumf. 220mm
Weight approx. 14g
rot blau gelb gruen orange lila

VOLLEY® Super 70 # 070-GB

Balls for all kinds of games, whether for school sports or beach volleyball, due to their design, both balls are highly visible and are therefore a valuable aid for sight-impaired players.

VOLLEY® Dodgeball 
# 160-DB*
High bounce
Ø 160 mm
Circumference 500 mm
Weight approx. 105 g

VOLLEY® Dodgeball # 160-DB

# 200-FB*
High bounce
Ø 200 mm
Circumference 625 mm
Weight approx. 185 g

VOLLEY® Fun # 200-FB

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This ball have an offset centre of gravitiy, so that you never know which way it will bounce. Even when it rolls, the balls will 'find its own way'. Ideal for encouraging hand-eye coordination in particular.


VOLLEY® Unball
# 210-65-30-GB*
Ø 210 mm
Circumf. 660 mm
Weight c. 240 g

VOLLEY® Unball # 210-65-30-GB

Safe practice balls for a sport that's becoming more and more popular or simply for a weekend leisure time activity.

VOLLEY® Football
# 26-15-GB*
Ø 150 mm
Length: 260 mm
Weight approx. 215 g

VOLLEY® Football # 26-15-GB

VOLLEY® Mini-Football
# 20-13-GB*
Ø 130 mm
Length: 200 mm
Weight approx. 115 g

VOLLEY® Mini-Football # 20-13-GB

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